Transforming Columbus by Transforming Travel

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Organized in 1993, The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is one of the nation’s leading advocacy organizations for high speed rail. Its mission is to educate the public and increase demand for rail service in the Midwest. The Association works with government officials and the railroad industry, as well as partners with other advocacy groups. Its efforts and research have contributed to the modernization of existing rail lines, construction of new rail lines, and protection of existing local transit options.

Shira Orlowek, Operations Manager for the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, will present “Transforming Columbus by Transforming Travel” at DesignColumbus 2015. The presentation will take a look at Columbus’ vitality as a city through the development of train travel and will explore connecting Columbus to the rest of the Midwest, increasing travel options in Ohio and making High-Speed Rail become a reality.


This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.

Neighborhood Placemaking in the Riversouth District

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Following up on its success with the residential development Annex at RiverSouth, Lifestyle Communities recently began construction on the nearby Trautman Residential Development. The new apartment building is located at the corner of High and Rich Streets, where the Trautman building and a three story bank building formerly stood.

The eight story tower, which includes street-level commercial space and underground parking, is Lifestyle Communities’ first venture into building an urban highrise. With the popularity of downtown housing continuing to expand, the developer is taking the opportunity to turn the area into a multi-block neighborhood, with various amenities housed in structures of diverse scales. The classic architectural elements of the tower  – from pediments and pilasters to traditional building materials – impart a timeless feel to the structure. A “sister” tower is currently being planned for the southwest corner of the High and Rich Street intersection, expanding the neighborhood further.

See David B. Meleca of David B. Meleca Architects, LLC and Chase Miller of Lifestyle Communities at DesignColumbus 2015, where they will discuss placemaking in the development process, the importance of architectural language as branding, and the challenges of incorporating design-build into the urban context.

DesignColumbus 2015 will take place at COSI on April 20.

This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.


Integrating Sustainability and Design

Increasingly, leading architects are using sustainability as a primary design driver. Consideration of daylight, energy and environment have the possibility of providing new and meaningful means of generating design ideas. New tools and analytic methods allow designers to use a research-driven, performance based approach to sustainability, targeting especially early planning decisions, massing, and passive measures as the site for experimentation and investigation. These tools allow us to refine and test traditional “rules of thumb.”

Attend the DesignColumbus 2015 session “Performance and Beauty – Integrating Sustainability and Design,” presented by Eric Thompson, Architect and Director of Sustainability for the Columbus office of NBBJ Architects, and Justin Gantz, Architectural Designer at NBBJ Architects. Thompson and Gantz will share some of their research and show how it has impacted design, and in turn how design has affected sustainability. The team will present recent case studies and projects highlighting these approaches to the integration of sustainability and design.

DesignColumbus will be held at COSI on April 20.

This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.