Heapy Engineering’s Drone (UAS – Unmanned Aerial Systems) Program will advance data gathering for project work similar to when the calculator replaced the slide rule. Math was the same… it was just faster in getting done. Attend DesignColumbus session 301 to learn how UAS are making an impact in the A/E/C industry.

It is commonly known that approximately 85 percent of the buildings that will exist in 2030 already exist. Therefore, to meet future energy standards (i.e.: the carbon-neutral goal of the 2030 Challenge), we need to wage a massive campaign to upgrade our current building stock. UAS become a powerful tool to enhance energy efficiencies and identify which buildings need to be addressed first. Further, UAS can enhance the ability to document—and potentially achieve—specific LEED credits. Attend the seminar and learn:

  • What UAS are, as well as the basics of using UAS to enhance the built environment.
  • LEED credits that are potentially obtainable through the use of UAS.
  • See UAS in operation.

Presenting will be:

  • Michael Berning, Heapy Engineering

Michael is responsible for the strategic integration of sustainability across Heapy Engineering’s services and markets. He is a Fellow for the Hobart Center for Food Service Sustainability, and is a former member of the EDC Magazine Editorial Board, writing a regular column focused on sustainability. He directed the effort to obtain LEED Platinum certification for the Heapy Engineering Headquarters. He leads sustainability on the local level as Co-Chair of the Dayton (Ohio) Regional Green Initiative (DRG3) and the president of the USGBC SW Ohio Region. He is a past Regional Chair (OH) for the USGBC’s College and University based Students Program and was recently recognized as a LEED Fellow.

  • Mike Gilkey, 3D Aerial

Mike is CEO of 3D Aerial, which provides UAS support services for Heapy Engineering’s UAS program. Mike has 30 years’ experience in DoD contracting working for several companies big and small as a line manager, business development manager and technical expert.


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