Until recently, LEED certification was typically applied to stand-alone buildings. This made design considerations and LEED documentation fairly straightforward. With the LEED program having been in existence for over a decade now, many clients have moved on to a second and third LEED project. These latest projects have varying relationships to existing LEED projects: additions, renovations and close proximity on a campus to name a few.

This dynamic has brought about new challenges for owners and project teams pursing certification. The team has to be able to sort out the best and most cost effective approach to the LEED certification process before getting in too deep and finding certification beyond the project’s reach. The USGBC provides guidance on how to address this issue. Supplemental guidance documents talk about LEED boundaries, attaching a new LEED building to an existing LEED building, and an addition that is certified to an existing building that is not certified, to name a few scenarios. This guidance is very helpful for owners, but every project has its own nuances and rarely does the guidance fit the project circumstances perfectly. There are always questions and trepidation regarding how the project should proceed.

This presentation will use a multi-phase project that consists of three LEED certified additions to an existing, non-certified building. Presenters will walk thru the challenges, potential solutions and opportunities when certifying such projects. They will discuss the LEED master plan developed for the project and how it shaped design, system decisions and operations considerations, along with how the master plan has evolved over time.

Speakers for the presentation include:

  • Allen Schaffer, Moody Nolan

As Director of Sustainable Design for Moody Nolan, Mr. Schaffer merges the art and science of building with nature in applying sustainable design principles to projects and firm operations. For over 19 years Allen has been a leader in sustainable design, from serving on the first USGBC Chapter Board in St. Louis to participation in the National Sustainable Design Leaders Forum. He has spoken at numerous events on sustainable design and is currently focusing on reaching out to the community as a Living Building Challenge Ambassador Presenter.

  • Troy Sherrard, Moody Nolan

Troy Sherrard has over 18 years of architectural design leadership in recreational, health/wellness, community, athletic, sports and student focused projects, giving him an in-depth understanding of the specific design issues and solutions involved in creating state of the art facilities. He specializes in managing and leading all aspects of the design process to construction with a focus on sustainable design integration and team collaboration.

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