At first glance, designing for Net Zero Energy can seem like a daunting task, which has led many to shy away from pursuing a Net Zero Energy project. In Ohio particularly, there have been few examples to learn from. However, as M+A Architects begins work on the firm’s second Net Zero project in Columbus, they will share the insightful and sustainable lessons learned in a DesignColumbus presentation.

Although it may be intimidating to begin, designing for “absolute zero” can be a very attainable goal. The presentation, given by Kirk Paisley and Jacqueline Langhals, will focus on the team’s design process for Net Zero Energy buildings. The presenters will provide an overview of building science principles and how an understanding of those is essential for all project team members, including the owners. It is vital for the design process and its resulting sustainable solutions to be used as a teaching tool for future user groups, as occupancy behavior is a key component in maintaining Net Zero Energy.

The presentation will relate the design process back to LEED principals, as LEED has been at the forefront when it comes to designing sustainable buildings, and will highlight some of these synergies and draw parallels between LEED and Net Zero.

This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.


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