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Historic structures such as the old east Ohio Gas research facility in St. Clair can be the catalyst for the resurgence of an historic neighborhood. This facility was identified as a potential structure for redevelopment as a multifamily residence appealing to artists, millennials and boomers.  It was a conceptual project presented to over 600 national developers and other real estate professionals at the Multi-Family Executive conference in Las Vegas this year.

RDL Architects, Inc. conducted a rigorous neighborhood analysis for the old east Ohio Gas research facility, held many stakeholder meetings, worked with the local Community Development Corporation, and analyzed the existing structure and surrounding parcels in order to envision its redevelopment.  Neighborhood planning principles were implemented to identify the best ways to leverage the structure and its surrounding area for redevelopment.

A DesignColumbus presentation by Andrea Bruno, St Clair Superior Development Corporation, along with Gregory Soltis, Kevin Dreyfuss-Wells and Ron Lloyd, all of RDL Architects, will use the project as a case study to share information on how to use neighborhood planning principles to create a list of and map assets and liabilities, then identify a potential brand and identity for use in the neighborhood’s redevelopment. The presenters will also show how to use neighborhood planning principles to define and analyze districts, edges, barriers, various circulation paths, figure-ground relationships, land-use patterns, historic structures, and landmarks. Also discussed will be the prerequisites and credits in the three categories required for LEED-ND certification: Smart Location and Linkage, Neighborhood Pattern and Design, and Green Infrastructure and Buildings.

DesignColumbus will take place on April 20 at COSI.

This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.


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