Urban Transformation and Community Building

nulceusAs we move forward in our pursuit of designed places that limit the negative impacts of development on our environment, we need to recognize the ability of sites and buildings to be a key protagonist in the holistic transformation of communities. The act of building and densifying urban cores is in and of itself a sustainable practice, and is critical to the renewal of the hearts of our cities.

Through three case studies local to Columbus and Cleveland — Driving Park Library, 250 High and the nuCLEus Mixed Use Development — the DesignColumbus session “Urban Transformation and Community Building,” by Michael Suriano, Kevin Schellenbach and Daniel Ayars of NBBJ, will explore how different typologies present distinct opportunities in sustainable design practices as tools for urban revitalization and community building. In addition to active design strategies specific to each building type, the session will also explore how unique passive responses to design problems can have a huge impact on use, user mindset, and future growth and stewardship.

In a future where resources are scarce, and time to adapt is finite, it is not enough for buildings to simply create better environments, they must bring us together.

DesignColumbus will take place on April 20 at COSI.

This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.


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