Ohio Continues to Lead the Nation in Sustainable Schools

Established in 1986, the School Energy Conservation Program, known as House Bill 264, enables K-12 schools to invest in energy efficiency construction projects that pay for themselves (from the energy savings realized) within 15 years. The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) approves about 40 projects per year, at an average construction cost of approximately $2M for each project.  The presentation “Ohio’s K-12 Energy Conservation & Sustainable Initiatives,” by Ron Spangler, P.E., CEM, OFCC and Lisa A. Laney, OFCC, will provide tips on how to implement a successful project.

Ohio is leading the nation in LEED certified and registered schools.  Over 340 schools are registered through the USGBC LEED for Schools rating system with 185+ certifications to date. The presenters will discuss the impact the projects are having as well as look at program accomplishments and examples of schools that have incorporated energy efficiencies and environmental initiatives into their operations and/or curriculum.  Addressing questions such as, “What areas of sustainability are schools focusing on and are they successful in their pursuit?” and “Are there common hurdles to schools pursuing certain areas of sustainability?” the presentation will identify resources currently available for sustainable and environmental awareness issues.

This year’s keynote speaker, Doug Kridler, is sponsored by The Columbus Foundation’s Green Funds.


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